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A drink called Monster Muccus… that’s SODAsgusting

It seems like the Avery Soda group has decided that 10 year-olds need to drink more soda. So they decided to come up with names that appeal to that group. Make sure that you tell your kids that Dog Drool … Continue reading

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Wait! Do you really need to check your email now?

We all have our obsessions. Email is one of them. With email being so portable and easily accessible through smart phones and tablets, it’s a wonder we have time to do anything. How many accounts do you have? How often … Continue reading

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I need a shower curtain ring… JUST one! Can’t I just print one?

A few weeks ago, one of my shower curtain rings broke. Darn things were expensive, too. They matched the colors of the room, as well. So I took some time to literally melt some plastic and proceed to mold and … Continue reading

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What inspires me?

  Not too long ago, I met a little man who asked me what inspires me? “I’d like you to tell us all what inspires you?” it was asked of me, in front of a small group. I wasn’t expected … Continue reading

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