The Ultimate Cat Bed.

In a world of excess, I occasionally discover that sometimes the simplest things are the best. Such is the story of the way I found the Ultimate Cat Bed for my cat, Merlin.

Merlin's Ultimate Cat Bed

Merlin's Ultimate Cat Bed.

As a kid in the Bronx, my friends and I played a street game called Kick-The-Can. It didn’t matter what kind of can it was as long as we could stand it on one end. For those who don’t know, Kick-The-Can involved one person who was “it” and protected a can in an open space, while the others hid behind trees, benches, or anything. When “it” found you, you would have to sit “caught” on a base near the can. Anyone not caught could run up and kick the can. When the can was kicked, everyone on base was allowed to scatter as now they were freed. At least that’s the way we played it.

The beauty of this game was that there was always a can available because they were easily found in the streets or in vacant lots. We played for hours and when the can was beaten up we just went and found another.

A while back I went out and bought a nice bed for my cat, Merlin.

For a few days I tried to get him to lay in his new cat bed and use it. He didn’t like it. Then I remembered that as a kitten he loved the crinkling sound of a Poland Spring box with the plastic still on it. He would crawl into the inside as if to say “you can’t find me and I am safe here.”

So I emptied out a box and placed it on the floor in place of the cushy cat bed. He immediately started playing in it just like when he was a kitten. Merlin learned to sleep and relax on this combination of plastic and cardboard. A piece of junk that most people would trash along with all the empty bottles of water after they are consumed. Who would have thought that this piece of trash would be a source of comfort for someone. He now has three in different sizes.

This is Merlin

This is Merlin.

Just like the can, it is easily replaced. I can simply buy a new batch of water or I can go to the corner store and get him a new bed for free. The other cushy bed that I bought for him sat there empty for weeks until I decided it was  time for it to be passed along.

So before you go out and get that fancy bed that you think you’ll spoil your cat with, remember that something as simple as a piece of junk could very well be the Ultimate Cat Bed.

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4 Responses to The Ultimate Cat Bed.

    Darleen Faust says:

    I LOVED kick-the-can!
    We played for hours, all summer long. Great Memories!
    I should try it with my kids and see if we can get it to “catch on again!
    Enjoy your day!

  1. LOLOLOL Kleber this is so funny!!! We have the same bed for one of our cats Shammie. Just the other day I bought a case of water, same, Poland Springs..LOL and I put the box near the door so I would remember to get rid of it. Low and behold the box is still there with the plastic attached and Shammie is having a ball with it. Cats are so funny!! I love them.


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