Flintstones style – Fliz No Pedals bike.

For many years I lived on my bike. As a messenger back in the 80′s I carried a big bag that contained all my deliveries, but with this Flintstone style – Fliz no pedal bike, I couldn’t have possibly carried any packages. I rode my bike into work from the Bronx to lower Manhattan and checked in with my dispatcher as I hit 125th Street to see if i can get a jump on any pickups. The more runs I made the more money I made. Carrying a messenger bag was a necessity.

No pedal Fliz (Flintstone) Bike

No pedal Fliz (Flintstone) Bike

Move forward in time to my racing years and this bike would prove to be a very unsuccessful racing machine. Imagine trying a sprint to the finish at 40+ miles per hour… Impossible! Just cannot happen. Not even the seasoned feet of Fred Flintstone and Barney rubble could power this thing at such speeds. And, what about the hills? Just doesn’t seem like a practical way to get around. With no pedals it means you are walking or running and letting the wheels help you coast the extra push that you give. Therefore, when going uphill you are relying on your own foot power to do the work. There is no low gear to help you make the top of the hill.

For me, living on a traditional bike was easy, but with this Fliz Flintstone no pedal bike, you’re strapped to it around the torso. Therefore, having a quick dinner or a bite to eat would be rather cumbersome.

Honey, can you pass the salt?

Honey, can you pass the salt?

The Fliz bike -- looks great but I wouldn't actually ride it

The Fliz bike -- looks great but I wouldn't actually ride it

As a piece of art I love it, despite the awkwardness. However, it makes me think back to when I was a kid when I used to give rides to the girls on the old-school banana seats. (Remember those?) My question would be, what kind of ride would they be getting with this? OUCH!

Speaking of “OUCH!” The video below demonstrates its use. You will immediately notice that not only are you strapped around the torso, but also your PRIVATES!!! NO WAY!! No thank you. I’ll stick to my pedals.

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3 Responses to Flintstones style – Fliz No Pedals bike.

  1. That looks beyond uncomfortable, yet I’d love to try it. Haha

  2. To go uphill is like pushing a sculpture while in an awkward position. And if he hits something and turns the bike over, rather than flying over the handlebars, the weight +momentum of the bike will snap his neck. The biggest problem: he will never get ANY women with this thing.

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