Easy Halloween Costumes.

Here it is, less than a week to Halloween and I am looking for quick and easy Halloween costumes. Usually I make my own, but with the limited time I may not be able to come up with anything. Sure, Google allows one to do a quick search and find real quick ideas that can be very amusing as well as effective. Several criteria come into play when developing a costume… For instance, if you have makeup left over from the prior years, that’s always a plus. Then there is the expense… you want it to be inexpensive. Then again, I can always wear khaki pants and either a red shirt and go as a Wendy’s employee or blue shirt for a Best Buy employee. HA! Easy huh?

Last night I took my kids out to dinner and so I asked them what they would suggest for me to be. My daughter has decided she will be a vampire this year. Why not? Vampires are always a hit. My son on the other hand was too busy doing homework while having his dinner to join in the conversation. Anyway, my daughter ordered a MYOP which stands for a Make Your Own Pizza. Those who have experienced this particular franchise that offers MYOP will know where we ate. As she made her pizza, she being the quick wit that she is, suddenly realized, “Hey dad, I have a quick and easy costume for you.” Cutting holes in the chef’s hat that she was given as part of her meal, the costume was done in less than a minute.

“Wala!! A Headless Chef.” Talk about easy Halloween costumes.

Total cost: $36 dollars… plus tip. LOL!!

Any other ideas? Feel free to make suggestions.

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