Workout for free.

Free workout courtesy of Citibike program

Free workout courtesy of Citibike program.

When I visited Barcelona last August I loved that the city was filled with these red bicycles that was part of BICING, a bicycle sharing program. The program consists of more than 400 stations to lend and return 6,000 bicycles throughout the city. The program is for residents and they pay €30 Euros per year. The first 30 minutes are at no extra cost, but the cost is added per every additional 30 minutes at €.70 Euros. Bicing was started back in 2007.

So, introduced over Memorial Day weekend, May 27, 2013 is Citibike. A similar bike sharing program started in Manhattan and Brooklyn with 6,000 bikes and 330 docking stations. The program will expand to 10,000+ bicycles and into Queens. (Hey, what about the Bronx? Guess they figure people will just find a way to rig the docking stations to get them for free in the Bronx. Staten Island has been long forgotten for anything. Oh. well…)

The cost for the use of Citibike is 9.95 per every 30 minutes and $4 overcharge per 30-minutes during a 24-hour access and 7 day pass. If you wish to be a member it will cost you a whopping $95 dollars. At the member rate, the trips are unlimited 45-minute trips. (You can get all the details on the Citibike web site). The price is high for what it’s worth in my opinion, but I suppose if you want to save some cash and time during rush hour, it could prove to be cost effective if you’re considering a cab ride

My workout

So here is the best part about Citibike…

I haven’t been to a gym in ages and, in fact, avoid them because most of them are just stuffy, sweaty and, needless to say, quite boring, too. Something about them just smells. So I figure, why not use these citibikes for a free workout? I can get a free workout if I simply add rollers to the rear wheel of any of these Citibikes as they are not tied down to anything. The rear wheels spin freely. Forget the SPIN class and grab your iPods or even your iPad (there is a basket and strap that you can use at the front of the bike). Strap the iPad to the basket and watch your favorite NetFlix series. Breaking Bad is my current favorite.

So grab your rollers, some water, your technology of choice, maybe some friends and head down to your local free gym courtesy of Citibank. Even the latest issue of the New Yorker might be suggesting this workout

Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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