14 years old and building a car

Meet Kathyrn, a 14 year old girl who lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Meet Kathyrn, a 14 year old girl who lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Kathyrn is working on a building her own sporty little car to just drive around. Who else do you know that is taking on such a project of this magnitude? By 16 years of age she plans on driving it out of her garage. With the help of the George Lucas Education Foundation and Edutopia, Kathryn is learning how to put together this car of hers. Learning what mechanics have done for years, like welding and machining as well as working with electrical systems she loves what she does and is applying what she learns to the problems she faces in school.

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“When I first started school, like all through elementary school really, I wasn’t very good at math at all. Like I had so many issues, like we’d do flashcards every night and I’d still just completely not understand it. And so like as I got older, it started to be a problem, you know, ’cause you can’t really pass school without knowing math,” says Kathyrn

“Then I started on this car, and I could take lessons I’d learned from the car and how I’d used it mathematically to do and solve the problems in the classroom.”

George Lucas asks “Why can’t school be engaging all of the time?”

“Traditional education can be extremely isolating — the curriculum is often abstract and not relevant to real life, teachers and students don’t usually connect with resources and experts outside of the classroom, and many schools operate as if they were separate from their communities.”

“Project-based learning, student teams working cooperatively, children connecting with passionate experts, and broader forms of assessment can dramatically improve student learning. New digital multimedia and telecommunications can support these practices and engage our students. And well-prepared educators are critical.”

Click the links to learn more about George Lucas and Edutopia.

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