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Employee Recognition

You’re the boss. How would your employees rate you as a boss/supervisor in terms of praising them? Now ask yourself: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in praising and rewarding hard work and achievement? Are you … Continue reading

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14 years old and building a car

Kathyrn is working on a building her own sporty little car to just drive around. Who else do you know that is taking on such a project of this magnitude? By 16 years of age she plans on driving it out … Continue reading

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Workout for free.

When I visited Barcelona last August I loved that the city was filled with these red bicycles that was part of BICING, a bicycle sharing program. The program consists of more than 400 stations to lend and return 6,000 bicycles throughout the city. … Continue reading

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What would a school look like if students designed it themselves?

The importance of education has always been an issue with parents. How to go about it and how do we ensure that our kids have an all around experience in learning? What would a school look like if students designed it … Continue reading

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Recycled Orchestra – Landfill Harmonic

As I get older, I realize that certain things aren’t as easy to learn as when I was a child. I started taking guitar lessons a few months ago alongside my two children. My son Christian, who was born with … Continue reading

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Easy Halloween Costumes.

Here it is, less than a week to Halloween and I am looking for quick and easy Halloween costumes. Usually I make my own, but with the limited time I may not be able to come up with anything. Sure, … Continue reading

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Flintstones style – Fliz No Pedals bike.

For many years I lived on my bike. As a messenger back in the 80′s I carried a big bag that contained all my deliveries, but with this Flintstone style – Fliz no pedal bike, I couldn’t have possibly carried … Continue reading

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An eye (i) for an eye.

This morning I woke up and as i put my eyeglasses on I discovered an italic “i” on one of my lenses of my eyeglasses. Not very interesting to a lot of people, but to someone that deals with typography … Continue reading

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Smoking Cage – Frankfurt, Germany.

I remember back in the day going to clubs and bars and never thinking twice about the scene. Dancing the night away and drinking was the thing to do. Oh, let me not forget to mention the smokers. Most everywhere … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Cat Bed.

In a world of excess, I occasionally discover that sometimes the simplest things are the best. Such is the story of the way I found the Ultimate Cat Bed for my cat, Merlin. As a kid in the Bronx, my … Continue reading

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