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Adobé Fotoshop (a parody)

So you say you want to go on a dating site, yet you have no recent pics of yourself. Or maybe you do, but feel it may not live up to expectations of the opposite sex. Here is a solution … Continue reading

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You and the interactive future

The movie was Minority Report. It took place in the future. Tom Cruise manipulated images with a gloved hand on a glass computer suspended in mid-air. I was impressed in the way the effects were executed. Wow, the movies are … Continue reading

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State Farms’ State of Chaos

State Farm takes their commercial theme online and allows you to control whose house you destroy. You can type in your address or someone you’re not too fond of. It’s not a new idea or particularly interesting beyond a sit-and-watch, … Continue reading

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Speaking of downloading an app – A security bug found.

A software flaw in Apple, Inc’s iPads and IPhones has been found. Apparently the security bug could allow hackers to install programs that will steal your data or destroy information, among other things. No evidence has been found that this … Continue reading

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7 Billion

I should be so lucky that my first entry has as much impact as the 7 billionth person born on Earth.  National Geographic magazine presents the app 7 Billion: How your world will change. This app coincides with the arrival of … Continue reading

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