Swimming with the Devil, so to speak.

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Oh yeah, chances are you won’t get the opportunity to swim in this pool, unless of course you just  happen to be visiting in Zimbabwe near the border of Zambia (figures it has to be somewhere not easily accessible). It’s probably the least dangerous thing to do in Zimbabwe.

As it turns out, during the “dry season” a natural pool is created right at the top of the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls. Not to get all religious, but if God created the world, why do they call this the Devil’s Pool? Anyway, if you are thrill-seeking enough you can jump in and live for a moment, literally on the edge. I’m not sure exactly how deep the swimming area is, but even small children have taken the plunge. The drop is about 360 feet. WOW! I have to put this on my list of the things to do before I meet my demise. Who knows maybe I’ll put on a helmet and JUMP!! HA!

To my brothers and sisters, if you are reading this: IF I never get to do it, I will have to be cremated and parts of my ashes should be sent down this waterfall. So one of you pack your bags. Hopefully it’s my rear end that you send into those waters. I’ll take my chances swimming with the devil anytime!

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A Homemade Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty

I scream, you scream, everybody screams for ice cream.

In the late evenings, driving by my local Wendy’s demands that I detour into the drive-thru for a Wendy’s frosty. I was shocked when the day came and the machine was BUSTED!! WTF!. What do I do now? I have to go home wanting that smooth flavor and just imagine the taste the other times I’ve had it. It’s all I can do. Either that or drive a few miles down until I come to the next Wendy’s.

I thought, “Ha! Maybe I can make my own.” My brother always tells me “dude, just google it!”

Sure enough, I googled it and came across a recipe for homemade version of the Wendy’s Frosty. Follow the instructions and you will be very pleased. Even though my local Wendy’s is open late, now I know that if ever their machine is busted again I have the bookmark on my browser and the ability to make my own.

Read more about it and get the recipe at thekitchn.com

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Winged Crusader in the Park – Jeremy Scott Wings

jeremy scott adidas wings

Walking around any major city is always an adventure. You have to be constantly on the move and have a quick eye to catch things. As I sat in Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library, a man covered in stars and stripes swiftly walked across me. At first I only noticed a blue starred jacket and I thought it was a bit warm for anyone to be wearing a jacket in nearly 70 degree weather. It was one of the warmer days of the year at this point.

As he stood there playing with his phone I noticed that there was more to the jacket. It was a whole ensemble. He was like a Super-hero. The only thing missing was a cape (maybe he carried it in his bag). As quickly as he stopped and checked his phone he disappeared. Must’ve been his winged Adidas sneakers, dubbed Wings 2.0 from the collaboration between Adidas and Jeremy Scott for the Adidas Originals recently introduced. I was impressed. I managed to get this shot to share with you all. If you want to see more of Jeremy Scott’s designs go to jeremyscott.com. The shoes retail for over $250 dollars but you can get some (knockoffs) for less than $70 by searching the web.

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A drink called Monster Muccus… that’s SODAsgusting

It seems like the Avery Soda group has decided that 10 year-olds need to drink more soda. So they decided to come up with names that appeal to that group. Make sure that you tell your kids that Dog Drool (orange/lemon) is a something that they’ll love. Other flavors are Swamp Juice (fruit mix), Bug Barf (Kiwi/Pineapple), Toxic Slime (Blue raspberry, orange and lemon), Kitty Piddle (Orange/Pineapple mix) and of course my favorite Monster Muccus (Strawberry and Blue Raspberry). Of course they all taste great despite some of the not so pretty colors like the greenish-brown mix of Swamp Juice.

By the way these all came about by way of a group of children asked to come up with “concoctions” in a program called “Make Your Own Soda.”

Read more about it here.

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Wait! Do you really need to check your email now?

checking your email infographic

We all have our obsessions. Email is one of them. With email being so portable and easily accessible through smart phones and tablets, it’s a wonder we have time to do anything. How many accounts do you have? How often do you check them. Well take a look at this flowchart that Wendy MacNaughton designed for a Forbes article on how and why to ignore your inbox.

Very witty and simple. It makes you think about whether you should check that email that you just checked 2 minutes ago. Print it out and put where you can see it before you check that email again.

via swiss-miss

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I need a shower curtain ring… JUST one! Can’t I just print one?

A few weeks ago, one of my shower curtain rings broke. Darn things were expensive, too. They matched the colors of the room, as well. So I took some time to literally melt some plastic and proceed to mold and shape it into something to match the rest. I probably lost some brain cells in the process from the fumes that were created. I had to make a choice… let that part hang loosely or go out and buy another set. The latter can take days, even weeks, since I am not the only one involved in making a final decision.

I only need one for heaven’s sake! Why can’t we just print one out or something?

Today I found Makerbots.  A company out in Brooklyn, NY that makes it possible to print out 3D objects on these small, whacky little printers that are actually pretty darn sophisticated. There’s my solution. (The video mentions someone with a similar shower curtain ring predicament). My shower curtain still hangs loosely, but it’s the end closer to the wall so I don’t have to look at it. (Smart huh?). Anyway, I’m not too far from where Makerbots is located, so I may just take a visit to the shop and take a look at what they have to offer. I want to see this thing in action.

Who knows? I may just pick up one of these printers and print me up a brand new car.

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What inspires me?


Not too long ago, I met a little man who asked me what inspires me? “I’d like you to tell us all what inspires you?” it was asked of me, in front of a small group. I wasn’t expected to answer right away as I thought about how I got where I am in the first place.

I was top in my class in elementary school, and all through junior high I was continually challenging myself academically and creatively. I ended up graduating 8th grade 2nd in my class. My guidance counselor told me I had mad (creative) skills so he helped me put together a portfolio that was required by my chosen high school. Accepted to the High School of Music and Art, I studied the fine arts: drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history. I finished my calligraphy course in a week. Ironically, I have the most awful penmanship these days. In painting class, I threw away the brushes and used a palette knife and my fingers and sponges on large canvases. I was a natural. I love painting. One day I’ll get some oils again. Although they didn’t teach airbrushing, I bought one anyway. I mixed acrylics and water and wala… again a natural. I could cut frisket on a balloon. The students at M&A varied from the geeks to the goth, the insane to mundane, all races and all shapes. Halloween was awesome with handmade costumes. My favorite was a 7-ft dragon made of foam. Talk about a cultural mix. It was definitely a colorful experience. High School really is the best time in anyone’s life, isn’t it? After all that was said and done, I ended up at Parsons in NYC. My second choice was the Navy or Marines. I probably should have chosen the latter. But, I think there was a bigger and better plan in the stars for me.

Fast forward through the late 80′s, 90′s and the 00′s (is that what you call the 2000′s?) into 2012. So what inspires me? That’s a loaded question. Simplicity and chaos, bold and clean, large and small, black and white and color, up, down, all around, street art, street smart, all is art. It’s enough to give sooome people an anxiety attack Smilie: ;) Smilie: ;).

So… I put this together in one night. A mixture of clips of what I think is one of the greatest designers, (who may have influenced you without knowing it), and others, and finally peanut butter. It will never be complete as anyone that is in the design field knows, there’s always something new and better (or different) that inspires. Change is inevitable, but one thing for sure, peanut butter will always be peanut butter. Hope you enjoy.

Yes, you’re right. Some of the clips were not designed by Saul Bass, but rather, inspired by him.

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Adobé Fotoshop (a parody)

So you say you want to go on a dating site, yet you have no recent pics of yourself. Or maybe you do, but feel it may not live up to expectations of the opposite sex. Here is a solution to that problem that you’ll love. I’m just not sure what your potential mate might say when you actually meet and the picture doesn’t match reality. Good luck!

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Doodle 4 Google 2012

If I could travel in time, I’d visit…

This year Google is asking students to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” One lucky student artist will see their artwork appear on the Google homepage and take home some cool prizes–and as a special bonus, the winning artwork will appear on a limited edition of Crayola’s iconic 64 box. So get information on how to enter and hopefully have one of your school’s student be 2012′s lucky winner. Open to all students in US schools (including homeschoolers) from K-12

Below is 3rd-grader, Matteo Lopez, Winner of the 2011 D4G Contest:

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You and the interactive future

The movie was Minority Report. It took place in the future. Tom Cruise manipulated images with a gloved hand on a glass computer suspended in mid-air.

I was impressed in the way the effects were executed. Wow, the movies are great and I went home loving the idea of someday being able to do this in my own home, or anywhere, for that matter.

Will it happen during my lifetime? Maybe. Below, Corning has put together what just may happen in the near future.

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